Google Classroom

Google Classroom is my schools Learning Management System (LMS). You could use your LMS to do the same things I do with Classroom. Classroom is where I organize activities into their levels. It's the central hub where all of my activities go out of, and where all work is returned to. I call my activities “steps”, and the students complete 1 step at a time, before moving on.

As you can see below, the students can see what steps they have to work on and the order that they go in.

Screen Captures from my Google Classroom Task Page

When a student opens up a step, they are shown the steps directions and are given any links they need to complete the step.

Screen Captures of individual tasks in my Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is also one of the primary places where I give students feedback on work they have submitted. All of the the tools I use to assess students aggregate back into Google Classroom, so the student has a central place to keep track of their assignments and scores.

Screen Captures of feedback in my Google Classroom

Google Classroom tracks what students have submitted, or marked as done, so it is easy for them to quickly start where they left off at.

I have found that the more organized I can make the work, feedback, and grading in a centralized place, then the easier it is for students to keep track of their learning and progress. While a more robust LMS, might make this process easier, Google Classroom is sufficient enough to do what I need.