Edpuzzle is my primary source for instruction. I create my own introductory, instructional, and enrichment videos and use them along with some of the other really well done video's available on Youtube, Khan Academy, and other video hosting sites. Students work at their own pace through the video's while practicing and following along with the videos.

I try and use a balance of my own created videos along with other videos on a variety of websites so that students don't get bored with one kind of video or learning.

Screen Captures of the Edpuzzle Home Page

Edpuzzle lets you change several elements to make the video more personalized and build in formative assessment.

Video Cropping Option

Voice Over Option

Add Audio Notes

Insert Questions

You can insert both open ended questions, and multiple choice questions.

Open Ended Question

Multiple Choice Question

Edpuzzle contains a variety of options you can set when assigning videos to your class. If you use Google Classroom you can post the assignment directly from Edpuzzle.

Note: The .net account referenced here was for teachers at my school

Edpuzzle makes it easy to track student progress and learning.

Class Dashboard View in Edpuzzle

Individual Student Progress View

Individual Question View

Class Question View