Google Forms

I use Google Forms as more of a formal check point, or formative assessment. I use it to assess students before they move from one activity to the next. I display answers after the quiz so that it is still a learning opportunity for students. Students who don't score at a level 3 or 4 require extra learning before they can move on, but that can take on any number of forms from simple reflection on questions answered incorrectly , to redoing a previous step, to re-attempting another assessment. Google Classroom makes it easy to manage Google Forms because it imports grades directly into the assignment in classroom.

Google Forms is a straight forward assessment tool that lets you create a variety of question types, that can be set up to be auto graded so students can havd immediate feedback, and you get immediate results of their learning.

Sample Assessment Question in Google Forms

Students Receive Immediate Feedback

Forms gives you over view data of student performance, but also lets you see detailed student and question data to help refine curriculum and focus reteaching.

Summary of Student Performance in Google Forms

Detailed Question View in Google Forms