I like to give students access to practice questions and concepts as often as they need it to support their learning. Thats why I present direct instruction through video's. One of the challenges I face is ensuring that not only can student DO what I am teaching them, but that they UNDERSTAND what they are doing. Quizizz is a simple to use tool that I use to give students practice questions in a fun and competitive way.

Quizizz lets you give students access to the questions through several different ways. I like to give it as a "Homework" assignment because then my students log in with their Google accounts and I get learning reports on my students. When you assign it as self-paced practice it does not keep information on their performance.

Quizizz Delivery Methods

Quizizz presents both the question and the answer options to the student on the screen while a count down timer runs on the top of the screen. You have the option of including images in your questions. Students earn points for correct answers and a leader board is kept track of throughout the game.

Question View During Quizizz Game.

Leader Board View During Quizizz Game

The game will display Memes in between each question based on if the question is answered correctly or not. Students like this a little fun, but I like that it will prompt them if they are answering too quickly incorrectly, and it builds in a second chance option so they can retry a question directly within the game.

On the back end, Quizizz gives me performance statistics so that I can use the data to help determine a students level of understanding, and identify weak points in my curriculum before students get to a summative assement.

Whole Class Performance Data

Individual Performance Data