Quizlet is an app to help students practice and learn Vocabulary. I use this as both a practice activity and a reassessment requirement. I like that it has a variety of learning methods, practice games, and built in ability to read out loud to the students.

In it's simplest form, Quizlet acts as a digital version of your traditional flash cards. Vocabulary on one side, and definition on the other side. Students can bounce back and forth between the two as they practice with the word.

Quizlet Vocabulary Side

Quizlet Definition Side

Quizlet offers a variety of ways for students to interact and practice with the vocabulary. You can even label a diagram that students can learn from through quizlet.

Quizlet Diagram Labeling

Quizlet Multiple-Choice Diagram Practice

Quizlet Matching Practice

Edpuzzle lets you change several elements to make the video more personalized and build in formative assessment.

You can insert both open ended questions, and multiple choice questions.

Open Ended Question