Google Sites

One of the key components of a successful self paced Unit, Lesson, or Activity is having information and resources available to students to help them when they need it. The activities need to have clear directions and be easy for students to navigate. Google Sites lets you quickly and easily organize and display information for students. I use it to present assignments, projects, and other resources for students. It lets me give brief directions in Google Classroom, and then expand on them and give examples for students in a much more visual and organized way than what Classroom supports.

Here are links to 2 of my Sites for you to view live, with explanations and details listed below.
Level 3 Revision Activity
Level 4 Unit Project

I use sites to give all of my projects and challenge assignments. Below you see the wide variety of ways I use Sites to communicate with the students. I love the flexability of using Sites because I can customize it to the task students are doing. I can embed other web sources, rubrics, examples, and links to other sources as well.

Overview of the variety of Sites I use with students

There are two primary ways I deliver assignmets to students in my class, Challenges and Projects. Challenges are smaller more focused activities that focus on a single particular skill or standard. Challenges typically make up my Grid Level 2 "Application" and Level 3 "Revision" activities.

Level 2 Application Activity Example Site

Level 3 Revision Activity Example Site

I use Sites to present "Leveled" projects to my students. "Leveled" projects are just an alternative way to present a rubric to students. This lets me deliver the project requirements for each level of mastery in a way that students can easily understand. Plus, to view the requirements students have to make the active choice of declaring what their learning goal is by selecting what level the are attempting. This helps eliminate them saying "I tried, but I only got a ___" by passively doing the project without really knowing what goals they are meeting.

Project Home Page in Sites

Level 4 (A Grade) Mastery Page for Project in Sites

Level 1 (D Grade) Mastery Page for Project in Sites

I also use Sites to display student work. Students who demonstrate Mastery on a project get their work embedded in a Google Site that lets other students view their work.

Student Work Examples in Sites