Socrative is an easy to use Formative Assessment site with a built in Exit Ticket function that I love. I often use it as a quick formative check in. I will use it in class discussions, and at the end of class as an exit ticket. Sometimes I plan ahead to use it, and other times I use it on the fly as I think of something or want to know something from my class. That's what I really love about Socrative, how easy and flexible it is to use.

Socrative has several functions built in to formatively assess students on the fly. You can run a pre-designed quiz with Multiple Choice, True/False, and Short Answer style questions. It has an in class competitive game called "Space Race" you can play with students. You can also ask a single question on the fly to the class, or use the pre-designed Exit Ticket option.

Formative Assessment Options in Socrative

Socrative has a great built in Exit Ticket feature to let you quickly check in with students before they walk out of your room. It comes pre-designed with 3 questions that let you have insight on student reflection of what they learned and how they feel about their learning. You also have the option of asking a content, lesson, or teacher specific question.

Socrative collects all answers and stores them for you to view or export to a file type of your choice. You get a live view of results as they come in which is beneficial when using during a class activity, and you get detailed break down of results at the end of an activity or Exit Ticket.

Live Results During a Socrative Question or Activity

Detailed Question Result From a Socrative Exit Ticket