Document Studio & Form Director

Document Studio lets you create documents from your spreadsheet data and Form Director lets you create documents from your Google Forms responses in a snap. Use built-in Mail Merge to email documents, files are saved in Google Drive, they can be automatically shared with others. I use these to send custom grade reports to students and parents, to send behavior contracts collected from Google Forms to parents, and to send "Work Refusal" Forms to parents.

Document Studio

Document Studio is basically Mail-Merge for Google Sheets. To use it, you create a Google Doc and insert your tags where you want information to be filled into from your Google Sheet of data. Then you run the Mail Merge from Google Sheets and it will fill in a new document for each row of data in your Sheet.

Google Document with Tags Inserted for Merge Fields

Google Sheet with Header Column Titles Matching Merge Fields

Completed Merged Document

Sample Email Created Along With Merged Document

Form Director

You can use Document Studio to merge Form data into a document, but you have to do it from the Google Sheet of Form answers after you have collected all the information. I wanted a way to have a Form immediately generate both a merged Google Doc with Form data and a formatted email attaching a copy of the created merged Document. Form Director does all of this for me. I use it to have students complete forms like a Behavior Contract and a Work Refusal Slip. The program creates merged PDF copies of their responses and emails them to me so that I can immediatly forward on to necessary people.

Behavior Contract Document with Tags

Work Refusal Document with Tags

Once your Document is created, you create your Google Form that you will collect data with. Using the Form Director add on, you will set up what tags each Form question will pair with and merge to on submission. You also set up any other settings you want applied, like a formatted email and file storage or email type.

Whenever someone submits your form, your merge settings will apply. In my examples, the merged data is inserted into my formatted Document and a copy is stored in my selected Google Drive folder. An email is also generated and sent to my email address along with a PDF copy of the merged Document. This lets me quickly and easily add any comments or context and then forward the Document on to whoever needs it like parents, teachers, or administration.

Sample Completed Behavior Contract

Sample Work Refusal Form